Healthcare Fax

Healthcare faxOur HPIAA Certified Healthcare Fax Services are 100% cloud based, which can fax enable your email, EMR, Patient Records or Billing application to send faxes via our secure API or fax as a service platform.

Healthcare Fax Services for Payers and Providers

Faxing in Healthcare has been around for a very long time. Fax is easy to use, secure and reliable. HIPAA regulations even specify the use of fax server technology when sending patient data to and from payers and providers. works with payers and providers, both small and large who need to send and receive fax, securely and reliably. Our Healthcare Fax Services provide the fax technology that your organization requires as a monthly pay for use service.

Our fax platform is easy to deploy and can be up and running quickly. Our team of skilled professionals will manage the entire implementation process for you. We have over 100 years of combined experience helping our customers smoothly transition from fax server software or other fax services, to our Software as a Service fax platform.

Healthcare Integrations:

  • Epic
  • McKesson
  • GE
  • Pharmacy
  • Any Email Connector (TLS 1.2)

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