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As companies upgrade their TDM phone systems and remote offices to VoIP, they are quickly realizing the technical and business challenges associated with running fax over an IP based network. The FCC has even approved several major carriers to eliminate the analog phone line. Many carriers that are running fiber to new service areas do not provide analog services at all. This causes both frustration and confusion among IT leadership as to how they will provide fax services for corporate and branch office fax devices. Our solution, the Fax ATA, harnesses the power of the web to provide a highly reliable and secure fax connection over Ethernet, to an analog fax device. Our plug and play Analog Terminal Adapter allows a fax machine to connect to our cloud resources, providing secure transport of fax data. The Fax ATA, manufactured by MultiTech, allows fax machines to work like they should, every time.

fax ataFax ATA Benefits

Send and receive faxes at 33.6kbs, with excellent image quality and securely, all in real time. Connects to the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN) for blazing fax speeds and encrypted fax delivery.

  • 9999% fax reliability
  • Completely Secure and Confidential
  • Can be up and running in minutes
  • Does not require fax lines, fax boards or fax software.
  • Built in network redundancy
  • Self Provisioning
  • Nothing to Configure
  • Plug and Play

Fax ATA Datasheet