Industry Solutions

Industry Fax Solutions

House key with mortgage loan applicationOur Industry Specific Fax Services are a 100% cloud based fax service that can fax enable your ERP, Records Management, Document Management, Desktop, email or Billing application to send faxes thru our secure API or an on premise RightFax server.

Industry Fax Services

We work with almost every industry who deals with paper and process. No matter what industry you are in, chances are you have a fax machine and a revenue process that is supported by fax. Even though many companies rely on EDI and other means of trading, fax is almost always being used. Our fax solutions encompass sending and receiving faxes at high volume, reliably and securely. We support HIPAA and are PCI Level 1 certified. works with lending institutions, both small and large who need to send and receive fax, securely and reliably. Our Financial Fax Services provide the fax technology that your organization requires as a monthly pay for use service.

Healthcare faxOur fax platform is easy to deploy and can be up and running in just a couple of days. Our team of skilled professionals will manage the entire implementation process for you. We have over 20 years of experience helping our customers smoothly transition from fax server software or other fax services, to our Software as a Service fax platform.

Industries that we support:


  • Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance
  • Automate Invoice Delivery
  • Process Dunning Letters in batches
  • Deliver Timely Statements
  • Send Procurement Orders to vendors
  • Fax enable any application with ease

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