Fax Server Hosting

Fax Server Hosting

faxcoloFax server hosting from Ingenium provides a scalable and reliable fax server experience for your organization, no matter how large you are. Supporting a fax server tends to be a burden to many organizations, so moving the fax application to a managed services provider like Ingenium allows your IT to focus their time in other areas. We can take full ownership of your fax server, including the dial tone.

Fax Hosting Capabilities

RightFax CloudNo two organizations are the same. That’s why we have tailored several fax hosting architectures for you to choose from. Our Hybrid deployment provides cloud based dial tone to your fax server. Think of it as “fax cards in the cloud”. The private cloud deployment includes a virtual fax server running on VMware VCloud. Telco is included. Geo Cloud provides two geographically diverse fax servers running with cloud based Telco. DR Cloud delivers a near real time replicated version of your production fax server to our Dallas, TX datacenter.


The Hybrid option delivers our cloud based Telco, directly to your fax server. Your fax server can remain on premise, running in your datacenter. We would take responsibility for any Telco issues that you may have. This is a pay for use model. Managed Services are also optional.

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud option is like having a fax server in your own private virtual datacenter. Running dedicated cores, ram and hard disk space, the private cloud delivers a high performance and scalable fax server experience. Cloud based Telco is also provided as a pay for use model with a monthly hosting fee. Managed Services are also optional.

Geo Cloud

Our Geo Cloud option provides one production fax server running in our Atlanta datacenter, which replicates in near real time to our Dallas datacenter. Since our cloud based Telco works with any internet connection, your fax numbers are completely portable. Our 5 minute recovery time is a benchmark in the industry, with no loss of inbound fax transmissions.

DR Cloud

Our DR Cloud for fax provides near real time replication of your production fax server to our nine US datacenter. We can provide toll free and local fax numbers for you to reroute your inbound fax to. You can also port your numbers to us and leverage our cloud based Telco option, built specifically for healthcare and financial services.

Please contact us to discuss your fax hosting needs.